Wednesday's wildcard landed Jimmy Garoppolo, Blake Martinez on Madden 21

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The emergence of wildcards the night before allowed players to see two new player cards in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, which are also two brand new Madden 21 Flashbacks. Former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and former Green Bay Packers defensive star Blake Martinez are two of the MUT projects that appeared in this event. This is basically the latest player to join Madden 21 since the end of the Super Bowl. There is no doubt about their strength, and players need to pay a considerable amount of Madden Coins to add it to their lineup.

After three seasons as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady in New England, Jimmy Garoppolo moved to the San Francisco 49ers. There, he eventually became the starter of 2019 and helped guide the team to the Super Bowl. In the past season, he has only played 6 games, and there are rumors he may trade or advance. Since Tom Brady is on the Bucs, he made a Madden 21 ultimate team flashback on the wildcard on Wednesday, providing MUT players with a good Patriot QB option. Garoppolo’s new card has a total action score of 95, action power of 95, thrust of 94, short hit rate of 94, high hit rate of 93 and a throw under pressure of 92.

Guard Blake Martinez’s defensive ability is very good. He spent the first four seasons of his career in Green Bay. He has now transferred to the New York Giants and became one of them. With a total rating of 95, he has a rating of 96 for ball handling, a 94 rating for game recognition, a 93 rating for block shedding and strength, and a 92 rating for speed. Players can imagine how much MUT 21 Coins the opponent will have when a player with such a comprehensive and balanced ability defends an opponent on the court.

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