Madden NFL 21 Franchise February Final Update Improves Trade Logic

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The third and final expected franchise update for Madden 21 will bring changes in business theory and the history of the league in February.

The third and final expected franchise update for Madden 21 will bring changes in business theory and the history of the league in February.
This month, the second planned Madden 21 coins franchise update comes with new features, such as additional commissioner checks, draft tools, house rules and enhanced CPU QB Draft logic. For the long-forgotten modus, it is yet another step forward but changes still remain on the horizon.
EA has stated that the Franchise mode final updates are planned for February. It strengthens the business logic and also provides the possibility of seeing your franchise league history.

Enhancement of trade logic
The aim is to build "more rewarding and authentic businesses" for Madden coins with these changes. This involves changing the assessment of players and draft picks which will ideally prevent some of the common achievements in AI trades
As it stands, you can get away with some fairly unilateral companies, such as swap, for late-round picks by an elite offensive liner. Or some highly qualified players — those that will actually never exchange in real life for a team — can be obtained for peanuts, so long as the players that can be traded suit within a team. In essence, it is too easy to reach the threshold of the AI team to approve a swap.

While EA did not come into detail they offered insight into how the previous trading rationale has been re-evaluated:
Creation of new base scales for the player and the pick value, by reconsidering any element and modifier that is used currently in trades, by overcoming top Community exploits around the AI trade (such as elite offensive lines for late round picks).
This would hopefully lead to more practical purchases, but hopefully not to eradicate the fun element. I agree that the aim should always be to permit players to acquire a player they really like but to make it meaningful and not robbery. The next Madden 21 Deep Dive will help us learn more.

League History of Franchise
A new panel will allow you to display previous Super Bowl and key franchise winners every year, such as MVP, Coach of the Year, Year Offensive/Defensive Players, Year Offensive/Defensive rookies, and MVP Super Bowl.
This feature is sadly not retroactive, so it just records seasons from the moment this feature is applied. But it will monitor every season from the beginning if you'd start a new league.
Any history before this new feature is introduced is not available because Superbowl's scores were traditionally not saved at the start of a new league year. However, every new league has been monitored every season.