Madden 21 All-Rookie Program had come to Ultimate Team

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In the Madden 21 Ultimate Team last Friday, a big event happened, All-Rookie Program has arrived. There are many new players and new challenges and new suits that follow. Ultimate Team fans can spend some MUT 21 Coins to add upgraded players to their lineup to achieve the goal of overall strength increase. The representative star players are Ceedee Lamb, a catcher from the Dallas Cowboys, and Patrick McQueen, a guard from Baltimore Ravens, and James Robinson, a center back from Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Madden 21 All-Rookie project includes G.R.O.A.T. and main player items. Last Thursday night, EA’s Madden Twitch channel conducted a special live broadcast to showcase the Madden 21 All-Rookie Program. This includes all player cards for the promotion, ranging from 90 OVR to 98 OVR levels. They are players from different teams, but not necessarily the best rookies in every position. The first player to appear was the Dallas Cowboys receiver Ceedee Lamb, who got the Deep Threat prototype and 95 OVR items.

Among these new players, the much-watched Lamb’s card is not the highest rated in this group, which is surprising. What’s more surprising is that a player who is a rookie actually got a rating of 98. The NFL officially called him the most powerful rookie ever. He was Jevon Kearse, who played for Tennessee Titans. His exquisite action rating is as high as 98, acceleration rating is also as high as 96, match recognition rating is as high as 95, and attack speed is as high as 94. He is powerful no matter from which MUT 21 Coins.

This event will continue for some time. Many players have already purchased the high-quality stars in the promotion. Some people collect them and wait for the promotion to end before placing them in the auction house to get higher profits. Some players immediately add them to their lineup and show dominant power in the game. So players who want to get them are best to go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins now to realize their wishes. Let's go!