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Hades Fairy Road _ Weight Loss Expert _ txt Novel ParadiseHades Fairy Road _ Weight Loss Expert _ txt Novel Paradise


Li Xun's body is slightly stagnant, but did not stop, his heart is bright, Tianzhi people at this time is not the best time to kill, the reason, he has been feeling in the heart. It's just a favor. Do you want to return it in a hurry? Li Xun sighed that the situation in the rear had changed. Although the true masters in the back did have the meaning of sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight, they were mainly shocked by the magic of the ancient sound controlling the power of heaven, and did not dare to act rashly for a while. But at this time to see Tianzhi master hand, all surprised, like Li Dou quantity of decent colleagues will never let her alone when the ancient sound edge, the moment has rushed to. It was Luo Qichang who took the lead. The contemporary sword emperor was the best at capturing the opportunity of combining the spirit. He blocked the gap between the ancient sound and the surrounding vitality out of control. He controlled the sword like a rainbow and rushed in. The sword was powerful and fierce, showing its old and hot spirit honed for thousands of years. Under the joint attack of the two men, the degree of pursuit of the ancient sound really dropped. But Li Xun and his party also took advantage of this opportunity to widen the distance, and in a twinkling of an eye they left the newly opened battlefield far behind. Li Xun looked back again, the battlefield was far beyond his field of vision, but from the beginning to the end, the flow of energy around him was warning him that he was still not out of the control of the ancient sound. The woman was still firmly locked in his position in a way that Li Xun could not understand for the time being. Overhead, a surge of energy was still accumulating. That's for him alone. "Hum!" The sound of plucking strings sounded in Li Xun's ears again, and he only felt that his whole body was tight. At this moment, he remembered the cobweb-like dense forbidden pattern structure that had radiated from the ancient sound before. Naturally, there was also a beautiful scene where the nun plucked the strings lightly and the sky was clear for thousands of miles. However, he soon realized that the place where the ancient sound magical power was wielded was not here, but on the other side of the battlefield. The surging vitality over there was static, and the change from dynamic to static made the breath of several belligerents entangled together immediately come out. Neither Tianzhi nor Luoqichang could keep up with the change of rhythm, and it seemed that they were bound by some indescribable force. A staggered space was far away. Without the restraint of these two, the breath around the ancient sound changed again, and in a twinkling of an eye, it completed the transformation from extremely static to extremely dynamic, and went away in an instant. Luo Qichang was in a daze, and before he could move, Tianzhi, who was next to him, rushed forward. At this time, Liu Yunzi,liquid bottle filling machine, who was a little behind for some distance, also caught up with him. Seeing this, he only had time to call out "Venerable Master," and then he had to try his best to catch up. In this way, Luo Qichang fell to the third place, and at this time, the third wave of Ramesh, Qingming and Bancheng Jushi also caught up. The four masters looked at each other and felt very headache. Luo Qichang murmured, "The ancient sound is far away, and it is out of touch with the situation in the East China Sea. Now is a good time to break through one by one.." To pursue or not to pursue? Relative to the suzerain, the ancient sound is not so much care, just a few breaths of time, the dazzling light will cross the horizon, once again into Li Xun's field of vision. Li Xun involuntarily hit a shiver, the moment turned his head away, the degree increased by three points. Gu Yin's way of pursuit is not the usual air control flight, but some kind of "big move" spell, bottle blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, almost completely omitting the process of movement, a flash, is a hundred miles away from her behind. For a few breaths, Li Xun even felt that the ancient sound had caught up with him to the back of his neck. But in fact, after the initial impact, the distance between him and Guyin is gradually being pulled apart. The main reason for this is that the ancient sound simply carries the surging torrent of vitality and the complex gathering of Qi in the void. With such a heavy burden on his back, every shift of the ancient sound will set off a violent collision of vitality, which is almost a reversal of heaven and earth, affecting a hundred miles away. If the ancient sound in this case, can catch up, Li Xun neck to death, is not too much. Even so, Li Xun still felt bitter, and even more depressed in his heart-from the moment he stepped into the East China Sea, did he ever think that he would be driven out like a dog? His inner depression almost broke his chest, and at this time, behind Tianzhi and Liuyunzi finally caught up. This pair of combinations is more appropriate than before. Tianzhi's innate five-color divine light melts the vitality, and when it is brushed, it is as heavy as mountains. In addition, the user's mind is determined, and in a short period of time, it can also suppress the ancient sound. When Tianzhi breathes back, Liu Yunzi unfolds the "Seven True Tips of the Void," and uses this Xuanmen, which is known as "the first to defend," to offset the sharp edge of the ancient sound. Between the two offensive and defensive, Yin and Yang rigid and soft transformation, just like nature, with the ancient sound of energy, for a moment and a half, unexpectedly also can not break through this barrier. Of course, Li Xun believed that it was because Gu Yin had not yet turned his mind to the two of them. Li Xun is still in the extreme flying escape, said to be thousands of miles in an instant, also did not see exaggeration, but in this almost can tear the space under the degree, such as the feeling of awn in the back, but has never been weakened. The most obvious evidence is: high in the sky, the surging vitality Rapids, reflecting the true fire of the sun, under the guidance of the inexplicable sword, although not contained, but the burning power, has made Li Xun's scalp scorched, the whole body Qi has a boiling potential, gradually chaotic. "Is this also part of the prohibition?" Driven by a ray of inspiration in his heart, he looked up at the sky, but unfortunately, there was nothing but the dazzling sun. However I think a cloud just flew by? As soon as similar doubts turned in Li Xun's mind, they were evaporated by the high heat on his head. Under the combined effect of anger and shame, time seemed to stagnate and almost drove Li Xun mad. Fortunately, before he went mad, he finally came to the "boundary" of the southeast forest, which was split by the change of the earth. The so-called "boundary" cannot be observed with the naked eye, but can only be sensed indirectly through the distortion of the earth's veins. On this side of the boundary, it is the place where the broken earth vein generated by the will of heaven and the nine secluded areas coexist. On the other side of the boundary,water bottle packaging machine, it is the arrangement of human resources and the cultivation of Taoism through fire and water. Although it is separated by a thin line, for Li Xun, it is a difference between life and death. gzxilinear.com

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