Exam preparation tips

As you may recall, memory is divided into visual, auditory, and motor memory. The more types of memory we use when memorizing, the better.


Exam preparation tips

1. How to memorize the rules

The simplest technique to improve the memorization of rules is to use mnemonics. For example, you probably remember the phrase "Every Hunter Wants to Know Where the Pheasant Sits" or "Bisector is a rat that runs around corners and divides the angle in half." And here is an example of a verse that will help you remember the first 8 digits of Pi: "You just have to try and remember everything as it is: Three, fourteen, fifteen, Ninety two and six." Try to come up with your own version.

As you may recall, memory is divided into visual, auditory, and motor memory. The more types of memory we use when memorizing, the better. Imagine (imagine) what the rule says, say it out loud several times, write the rule out by hand. It is even best remembered when you write a lot, especially essays. Since visual memory works great, you can use https://bidforwriting.com/  and practice it. This way you will be able to memorize the rules and any other information quickly and efficiently.

2. How easy it is to remember what you read

Skim through the entire text, grab the main points. Then thoughtfully re-read the text, make sketches on paper. Break the text into blocks and compress them to make sense. Take a short summary. Be sure to visually represent everything the text says. Visuals, especially if they evoke emotion, are best remembered. Visualization is needed and for this the main thing is to write out your image on a piece of paper so you remember it better. With help research paper writing service you can practice.Visualization can develop this for you and write everything down on a piece of paper.
Next, you should repeat what you read (you can use the synopsis), and best of all at regular intervals. Likewise with writing essays. It is best to use  https://bidforwriting.com/pay-for-essay  to review essay writing skills. This will help you remember how to write your essay. According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, optimal repetition intervals are 20 minutes, 24 hours later, 4th day, 7th day, and so on. This technique is called "Spaced Repetition" and is very important for fixing information in long-term memory.

3. How to quickly memorize numbers and dates

It is enough to encode a digit or date into a certain visual image and associate it with an event or other information. For example, numbers can be encoded using images: 1 - pencil, 2 - swan, 3 - grater, 4 - chair, 5 - palm, etc. Years can be represented, for example, by the image of a person 45 - Hitler, 90 - Gorbachev, etc.

Now we need to combine the invented image for a date or number with the information we need using imagination, for this there are many mnemonics. One of the most popular is the Cicero method or the location method: we select a sequence of places well known to us (indoors or outdoors), and then we place our images sequentially on the ground. On the exam, we imagine the same sequence. Our brains are better equipped to remember visual information and terrain than accurate data and formulas.

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