What are the advantages and disadvantages of assigning student homework?

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Assigning the homework to the student also points out the certain advantages and disadvantages that would be beneficial for both students and the teachers as well.

The following are the advantages of assigning student homework as the student would develop the overall management of time which would also enhance their skills for the study. A set of homework would allow the student that points out the management of time and the schedule and enhancing them in targeting the factors. Completing the homework at an early time would also manages the time that are required by the student to complete any kind of tasks that are allocated to them. Providing student homework also allows them to engage more to their studies and that would be useful for the student for their future years and other affect management of time.

Revising the content that are being learn in the schools also help in revising them during the time of examinations. Moreover, this also provides the overall opportunity to engage the parents of the students in their studies which would be beneficial during their exams and semesters that are held in their schools. In addition to this, the teachers also keep the tracks of the studies that are being taught in their classes. The disadvantages that are associated with assigning the homework mainly points out the some of the limitations that might affect the students in their schooling levels and some of them are completed by homework writing services or Assignment help will help you to complete your homework on time . Homework mainly eats up the free time of the student which would be used in performing other activities rather than studies.

Children also requires free time to relax and get rest along with playing and performing other co-curricular activities. Moreover, it also eats the time for independent study. Excess of homework or English Essay Writing mainly forces the student to feel burnt and that puts a lots of pressure on the student. Both mental pressure and physical pressure are being put on the student which might feel torturing in some of the moment. Most of the holidays gets finished due to excess history homework given by the schools and this also forces the student to develop the mentality of getting rid from the studies. Therefore, these are the limitations and benefits of providing homework to the students which might be beneficial as well as harmful as per their nature.


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